Ascend on your Yoga path

Awaken the relaxation response in yourself and or your students through yin yang yoga.

Ignite your knowledge learning biomechanics, functional anatomy and science-based research on the benefits of Yoga.

Carve new neural pathways through self-study, yoga philosophy, prāṇāyāma, mantra, mudrā and meditation.

Certified Yoga Trainings and Retreats

In person or online. Certified Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Module 2. Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training

28 march – 3rd of April. 50 hours in person or online available.

Tromsø, Norway


Online Yoga Teachers series masterclasses. Coming soon!


Buy my book. Yin yoga: Potential in Stillness.


Yoga teacher trainings

100h Yin / yang yoga teacher training in Tromso Norway 2021.11h Yinmerssion on the hip.

Private & Corporate Classes

In Barcelona, Spain or Online.

50min class. Yin yoga at the Wall