Yin Yoga for emotional release
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Yin Yoga for emotional release

Yin Yoga for emotional release


While this feeling can sometimes let us know we did something wrong, it does not have a place in our lives for more than a certain amount of time. We eventually need to ask for forgiveness and or forgive ourselves, to declare ourselves whole again. This feeling sometimes also stems from deep seated issues that might not have even truly pertained to us, uhum, any other black sheep of the family here?

I propose a Yin yoga series focused on the first, third and fourth chakra to stir the karmic pot of these feelings. The first chakra, Mūlādhāra Cakra, for grounding and self-acceptance. The third chakra, Maṇipūra Cakra for inner fire and self-esteem. The fourth, anāhata Cakra, for the universal feeling for healing, love. These suggested poses work on meridians related to the chakras according to Hiroshi Motoyama’s meridian and chakra theories.

Chakras, like meridians and myofascial sheaths cannot be isolated, but the end of the practice includes some theta journaling. This will take the inner neural pathways towards understanding this feeling or inner programing.

THE PRACTICE. Find a soft quiet spot. Suggested Yin yoga poses:

1. Squat. Hold 3 minutes.
This pose works with some of the meridians associated with the first energy center, Mūlādhāra chakra: kidney and bladder.

2. Heart pose. Hold 1 – 3 minutes.
This pose works with anāhata Cakra, creating tension on the meridians associated to this center: heart, small intestine, pericardium, and triple heater.

3. Swan pose. Hold 1 – 3 minutes each side.
This pose works with creating tension on some of the meridians associated with the third energy center: spleen, stomach, liver, and gall bladder.

4. Childs pose with fist placed in the solar plexus. This pose goes directly to the flower of this chakra at the solar plexus. If you feel it is very painful, sit up and massage this area gently.

JOURNAL. At the end of the practice sit and ask yourself. Where in my life do I feel guilty? Is the guilt a general feeling or is it a specific situation that has brought this on? Journal about it.

CONCLUDE. Then sit tall, place your hands on your chest and whisper to your heart, “May I find forgiveness and ease. May I release any guilt or shame around who I am.”

The first step in any healing journey is to understand. This post is not meant to substitute therapy with a qualified psychologist.