Teach the tool for self-awareness and transformation

Level I. 200h
Module 0. Seed. (35h)
Module 1. Seat. Lower body. (50h)
Module 2. Wings. Upper body & yang. (50h)
Module 3. Spine. Vertebral column and energetics. (50h)

Level II. 300h
Module 4. Functional Vinyasa Yoga. (50h)
Module 5. Meridians & Chakras. (50h)
Module 6. Yin Yoga Variations (30h)
Module 7. Yoga & mudrā (30h)

+ two 50h modules from level I to complete 300h.

Must have a 200h Yoga Certification prior to applying for level II.

Check our calendar for upcoming training sessions!

All modules can be taken individually and count as YACEP with Yoga Alliance.

For level I and level II certification added registration fee is required. This includes 1:1 mentoring sessions, 2 e-books (sadhana journal & my classes) and one online training.

Certification through Yoga Alliance.

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